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Five Steps for Home Insurance Claim Preparation

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Filing a home insurance claim is a very important task for every homeowner. Before you file your claim, make sure that you know all the information you need. Moreover, you should be able to do it the right way so that you will not miss anything and that you will get what you deserve in your claim. Here are five steps to preparing for and filing your home insurance claim.

  1. Inform your home insurance company immediately. As soon as the damage (or damages) has been done, call your agent and ask for assistance about your home insurance claim. Your agent will give you information about the next steps that you should take for your home insurance policy.
  2. Make an assessment of your property and document it for proof. Depending on what available equipment you have, you can take pictures or shoot a video of your property and the damages you will file a claim on. You can use this to as proof when you file your home insurance claim.
  3. Do your own repair of the things that you can do yourself. Do not worry, you can reimburse all the expenses you would have to make when doing repairs. Just keep the receipts and present it to your home insurance company for a reimbursement. You are responsible for your property. Aside from making minor repairs, you can also start securing your property by doing preventive measures, such as securing your roof.
  4. Keep a list of the items you think are damaged or lost. Go through your whole house and ask everyone who lives in your house to recall any item that was previously there but is now missing. If your home insurance includes replacement cost coverage, you can have your old items replaced even if the values are different.
  5. Wait for your home insurance claim. If you want to file a home insurance claim right after a natural disaster, chances are you will not get immediate attention from the home insurance company. This is especially true when the damages on your property are not as serious as what other homeowners are experiencing. While waiting, you can stay in communication with your home insurance agent so that you can get updates about when you can get your home insurance claim.

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Risks to Home Insurance Claims

Friday, February 27th, 2009

There are different reasons why a home insurance claim is usually rejected. How do you assess if your property will still get insurance? Here are important elements that can put a big risk on your home insurance:

  • False information. Most of the time, we are tempted to include some untrue information on our home insurance policy. This is so that we can get a cheaper premium. However, the desire to get more can be the very thing which can send our home insurance down the drain. If for example, you live in an area with a high crime rate, you may choose to claim that you have installed a burglar alarm, when in fact you don’t have one. Also, you may state a different address, probably one which has a low crime rate. Most home insurance companies send out loss adjusters to assess your report, so any false information will be bases to invalidate your claim.
  • Not using installed security systems. Most people install home security devices such as burglar alarms, time-switch lights and mortise locks. This can give you a cheap home insurance. However, home insurance companies expect these devices to be used. If you fail to use them, you can even be liable for your loss and lose a claim on your home insurance services.
  • Low maintenance. If you do not perform regular maintenance checks and repairs on your house, your home insurance company will most likely refuse to pay for its repair. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep your house in good condition. If a storm comes and the roof of your house gets blown off, it’s not a guarantee that you will get your home insurance claim. The insurer will first check if the disaster is a result of your lack of upkeep. If it gets proven that you did not take care of your property, you will not get your home insurance claim.
  • Repairs. A past claim from your home insurance company could have given you a claim that you should have used for repairs. If you fail to use the money for repairs, then it is very unlikely that the home insurance company will grant you a claim again.

Do not jump on every home insurance claim that you can get. For minor repairs and adjustments in your property, you can just do these on your own. You can get a cheap home insurance policy instead, and choose to build up a no-claims bonus.

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Home Insurance Claims Management Tips

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Here are some hints to watch out for that says your home insurance claim is not fair:

  1. The insurance adjuster does not make a clear and exact estimate of the damages your house suffered. It is important that realistic estimates are made by the home insurance adjuster. Ask for a more detailed and extensive estimate of the adjustment for your home insurance.
  2. An almost instant settlement. Similar to the first hint, a settlement made almost instantly is a sign that you are not being given a fair settlement. When you are given an offer, resist it and ask for a detailed breakdown of the damages, as well as the estimates. It is also best to get other opinion about the estimates so that you are sure to be able to compare your home insurance claim.
  3. You do not get attention from your insurance company. This is a sign that they do not want to give you what you actually deserve. Be more proactive in dealing with your insurance company when asking for a home insurance claim. The next time you call and get told that your adjuster is not present, do not hang up. Ask for a person in authority, such as a supervisor. Be firm and say that you will not hang up until you are able to talk to somebody who can help you with your home insurance claim.
  4. Your home insurance claim is continuously delayed. Insurance companies should be able to resolve home insurance claims within a specific time frame. However, policies governing this can sometimes be bent and time frames can be adjusted, extending the time until your home insurance claim is issued. Be assertive and watch out if your insurance company is just stalling. If they keep on asking you for clarifications on your claim forms, it might just be that they are holding you off. Be more aware of your rights as a homeowner and be more proactive in dealing with such.

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A Different Kind of Home Insurance

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Residence insurance is really not a type of home insurance. It is a policy for homeowners to help protect their properties. It is also called as “package policy” because of the following coverage: Structure damages of the house Damages on personal items Necessary expenses if a homeowner is unable to reside in his house after […]

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